Certifications and guarantees

The products marketed by Vladila benefit from guarantee conditions in accordance with the legislation in force and the commercial policies of the manufacturers.

The products benefit, by law, from the guarantee of conformity which is the legal period of 2 years during which the consumer is brought to conformity free of charge. Conformity refers to the characteristics of the product offered to the consumer through the related advertising by the seller/producer. Within the period of the conformity guarantee the manufacturer shall repair, replace or refund the value of the product, according to LG449/2003, Art.11, Paragraph 2. Within 7 days, Vladila shall appoint a representative who can inspect the product and/or evaluate the guarantee claim or, if possible, request the return of the defective product.

In addition to the conformity guarantee, Aesthetic Design also offers a commercial guarantee, which is according to the guarantee certificate issued by the manufacturer, depending on the product category, and is the period during which the consumer benefits from free repair/replacement of the product by the seller/manufacturer. The limiting conditions that apply to the Vladila commercial guarantee can be found in the document you can download here:

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